Thursday, December 6, 2012

Medical Dental mission (my third) to Haiti

Carol's third trip to Haiti will be January 2013, volunteering on a medical mission to help an awesome team of 20-30 volunteer doctors and dentists provide free medical clinics in the village of Chantal, in south Haiti. Chantal is approx 250 miles southwest of Port Au Prince, a very rural community which has subsistence farming and rice agriculture. It is normally a small community of approx 1500 people but now has almost doubled with refugees from Port Au Prince because of the quake. The surrounding mountain villages and seaside villages result in additionally many hundreds of more folks coming to the clinic, often walking 4 -5 hours to be seen. There is no doctor or dentist or pharmacy within hours of Chantal by vehicle. Two nursing sisters at the local Church run a small dispensary and are providing us with a site.
Thank you for considering making a donation! We Care to Share Program is a nonprofit organization. This means your donation is tax deductible.

Checks should be made payable to “Knights of Columbus Council 6988, Share Program“, with the following phrase in the memo section: "Mission to Haiti."

Checks can be mailed to

Carol Breitner

3403 Executive Avenue
Falls Church VA 22042

So what will the money be used for? Regardless of what donation you make you can be secure in knowing it will go directly to those in need. In the words of Fr. Yves Francois, “On behalf of the Haitian people, thank you for all you are doing. May God bless you!”

Currently there are three focus areas.

1.) Paying for the costs of the medical-dental mission trips that are being conducted twice per year. These costs involve supporting the team (food, ground transportation, lodging) and the clinics run in both Chantal and Canon that require interpreters, medical supplies, and medications.

2) Keeping the Chantal clinic stocked with medications and medical supplies year round.

3) Building a permanent clinic in Chantal staffed year round by both Haitain healthcare workers and volunteer groups. (Approximate cost $300,000)

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