Friday, September 5, 2008

Epic Quilt

The day after both of our kids moved out ("instant empty nest") I got a call asking if i knew a quilter who could help the Floating Lab Collective artist Edgar Endress. He needed a quilt top stitched for the following evening.

It really has to be experienced to be believed, made only of towels, bedsheets, dishcloths, potholders for the peepholes in front, some baby blankets, and the base is 2 of those kitchen rugs. . . . Had I realized the scope of this i would never have agreed to do it. But thus began a crazy cutting and sewing marathon. Gotta admit, this beamed me into another world for 36 hours and made the empty nest transition a bit smoother.

The Museum is a converted taco truck that travels to various sites, bringing art to the neighborhoods. Next week it will show at the American University's Katzen Art Center.
This quilt is suspended by ties and velcro on an impossibly tall hotel housekeeper's cart. Inside, five tiny Virgin Marys suspended like parachuters from helium balloons, and a small video camera that projects the floating Virgins onto a TV screen in the truck: part of the artist's metaphor for Latin American teenagers' experience in America. What fun. I'm glad to have helped out.

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Aleada said...

Hi Carol - Love your blog! I'm amazed at your abilities - quilts now, (or at least assembly) and not an easy one at that! vA worthy distraction & creation. Ah, MS&W - there's nothing quite like it here in NZ - sigh... Nice to visit it vicariously though. Warm wishes - Aleada