Sunday, May 4, 2008

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2008

Today i went to my beloved MDS&WF (by myself for the very first time). it was fun, and maybe even more efficient? First stop, the sheep dog demo.
i LOVE THOSE DOGS! This year i did what i always wanted to do -- since i was unaccompanied and unscheduled: went early and got a great seat in the bleachers, knitted and relaxed until show time. The dogs' intensity, demeanor and expressiveness never fail to delight.

Shopping was limited to 2 sets of Signature needles (pointy, ouch, expensive, ouch). They're 7 inches long, sizes US #4 and #6, with 'stiletto' tips. Can't wait to test drive for modular knitting.
Some yarn, alpaca/wool and yak/silk, and dyes to play with.

Of course no visit is complete without seeing lots of sheep. Some of my favorites:

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