Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Running Out" socks

I'm knitting socks as a surprise gift for a friend who loves purple. One of my favorite ways to design socks is by combining partial skeins into a harmonious pair of socks that does not look like I was actually "running out"of yarn. I really like what's happening here.

The colorwork goes from dark background to light background and the the rest of the toes will be light.

The shape of the stranded color designs is echoed in the instep cables. Not even the knitter herself knows what will happen after I pick up that provisional cast-on at the ankle.

I knit a little more toe and couldn't resist another try-on before heading to bed. I like this transition. Maybe these socks will end up mine instead of gift socks?

The yarn is one of my favorites for socks, Silja. If anybody knows another similar weight sock yarn, let me know! (50 grams - 150 meters, 80 percent wool, 20 percent nylon)


Larry and Beth said...

They are beautiful! I'd be hard pressed to let them go if I had knitted them! Will you have a pattern available?

Carol's Sockery said...

Yes, this pattern will be in my book, The Sock Divide.