Friday, December 21, 2007

What I have been knitting in December

No way to list all the projects i started knitting, worked on, and/or finished knitting in December.
After seeing Claire W's many and various crocheted mug sweaters, i worked on a pattern for a mug cozy that is easy to knit and suited to all level knitters.
A last-minute knitted gift that keeps your coffee hot tabletop unscratched, also makes your mug a easy to I.D. After several iterations and test runs with TOO MANY attempts, duds, frogging, tweaking, the pattern is written. E-mail me for a free copy of the Cozy Coaster pattern. Lucy looks blissful holding the mug.

Pelts! From the 2007 Pattern A Day Knitting calendar, November 12th (?) Oh, noooooo, they're multiplying! These are quick and knit in garter stitch but why oh why does everybody want one? First one was knit on impulse as a possible last-minute gift. the dark green and purple for Amanda H, ds's gf. I made a second green one for dear newphew. now the question is, will his 7-yr-old twin want one, too?
Other knitting, socks always on the needles, more later, hugs, CAROL

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