Monday, November 19, 2007

Polymer Clay Autumn Leaves

On Saturday I had a blast at Artful Afternoons in Annandale and took Lindly Haunani's "Autumn Leaves" polymer clay workshop. I plan to take all 7 of Lindly's classes between now and May 2008. She holds your hand and turns you into Picasso! I brought 2 knitting buddies who had never even worked with clay and they turned out spectacular stuff.

After only 3 hours, I brought home some finished jewelry and a few works-in-progress. Here are my favorite leaf earrings.

As I contemplate setting up my office+studio downstairs, I realize that there should be separate zones with equipment and supplies for knitting, beading/jewelry, polymer clay, and sewing. Some of these overlap. Plus the business office, inventory storage, and best off all, a quiet space to write The Sock Divide.

Joel has these 2 weeks off for Thanksgiving and he's agreed to help me transform the "computer room" into Sock Designer's HQ. I can't wait to see all my yarn, knitting books, &tc all neatly arrayed in the same room!

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Cathy said...

like you need another hobby