Sunday, January 28, 2007

Friday Harbor Jet Lag

What an odyssey! Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington, is just about as far northwest as one can travel and still be in the United States. 2 flights, cross country; a rental car from Seattle 1-1/2 hours north; the scenic ferry; then a quick drive around the island (don't forget to say hi to Mona the camel). Major jet lag! But a full day of travel is a small price to pay to get to this little piece of heaven. Even the islanders seem perpetually happy.

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Maggie Dicey said...

Great start, Carol. I love that picture (of you, though the one of Mona is cute, too). Good thing I already know that's not your personal stash, or I'd be jealous all over again. :o) I look forward to reading your blog regularly.